The Council is the Association’s executive body and consists of 16 members, 7 of whose are liner managers, 5 tramp managers and 4 shipbrokers. The past president and the president of Young Shipbrokers and Shipagents Group are also part of it. The president is appointed by Council’s members and his mandate lasts 2 years.


Alberto Banchero
Banchero Costa & C. S.p.A.

Vice Presidents

Giovanni Cerruti
Gastaldi & C. S.p.A.
Giovanni Cerruti
Filippo Gallo
Uasac (Italy) S.r.l.

Council Members

Paolo Albanese
Anchor Shipping Agents S.p.A.
Andrea Boesgaard
Hugo Trumpy S.r.l.
Camillo Campostano
Anchor Chartering S.r.l.
Cynthia Cignolini
Euragent S.r.l.
Eugenio De Paolis
Bulk Mare S.r.l.
Roberto Demarchi
Banchero Costa Agenzia Marittima
Gian Enzo Duci
Enterprise S.A. S.r.l.
Gian Franco Gazzolo
Zim Italia S.r.l.u.
Paolo Lo Bianco
Cma Cgm Italia S.r.l.
Massimo Marzani
Yang Ming Italy S.p.A.
Aldo Negri
Yang Ming Italy S.p.A.
Torsten Nolting
Hapag Lloyd Italy S.r.l.
Umberto Novi
Burke & Novi S.r.l.
Fabio Pesto
Pesto Sea Group S.r.l.
Emanuele Roberto Rimassa
Prosper S.r.l. Shipping Agents and P&I Corresp.
Sergio Villa
S.C.S. Ship & Crew Services S.r.l.
Francesco Zuccarino
Le Navi Agenzia Marittima S.p.A.