The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the core of the Group and consists of ten members, who have been worked at least two consecutive years in the field in which the company is involved. With motivation and enthusiasm, the Executive Committee’s members stimulate the other members of the Group, organize educational and playful initiatives and promote the Young members’ participation to all Associative events and their involvement in the statutory bodies.


Aldo Negri
Yang Ming Italy S.p.A.

Vice Presidents

Gian Alberto Cerruti
Gastaldi & C. S.p.A.
Carolina Villa
S.C.S. Ship & Crew Services S.r.l.

Executive Committee’s members

Simone Carlini
Multimarineservices S.r.l.
Giulia De Paolis
Bulk Mare S.r.l.
Lorenzo Giacobbe
Januamar S.p.A.
Andrea Muratorio
Cosco Shipping Lines (Italy) S.r.l.
Umberto Novi
Burke & Novi S.r.l.
Simona Ratto
Intermare S.p.A.
Tommaso Scolaro
Scolaro Enrico Shipbrokers S.r.l.